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How often will our patients be billed?

Any patient in our system will receive a bill for any balance due, once a payment has been received by their insurance carrier, if you have contracted for this service. Patients are billed bi-monthly. Payment Plans can be easily accommodated also.

No. You will be required to pay the regular lease payments, which remains unaffected by the changing interest rates or inflation. You can budget your cash flow more efficiently. With the rise in inflation, the overall cost of your equipment goes down since it is on fixed value basis.

All lease payments are considered an allowable business expense, which means your business is allowed to write off the whole payment (principal and interest).

A lease agreement is a contract between you and the leasing company, allowing you to have/use the equipment while making payments. Once the payments reach the total owed, you obtain ownership of the equipment.

In most leasing plans, you simply make monthly payments until the equipment price is met.

Upon receipt of your leasing request, the processing of your application will begin immediately. Once we have obtained all required information, our representative will advise you of our financing decision. 99% of our loan programs are application only for all credit types. We ask you 7 simple questions over the phone and offer a decision and terms within 3-4 hours. (Some cases may require more time).

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