The applicant (Lessee) certifies that it is applying for credit for business purposes, and not for personal, family or home use. The undersigned agrees that we have the right to confirm the accuracy of the above referenced credit information and have the right to accept or reject this credit application. By signing below, the undersigned individual as principal of and/or guarantor for the Applicant, authorizes us, our designee, assigns or funding sources, or potential assigns, or funding sources to review his/her personal credit profile provided by a national credit bureau in considering this Application and for the purpose of update, renewal, or renewal, or extension of credit to the Applicant or the collection of any resultant accounts. The undersigned authorizes all deposit, borrowing, financial and trade information to be relayed to us or our designee, assigns or funding sources, or potential assigns or funding sources by telephone or fax. A photocopy or fax of this authorization shall be valid as the original .